Supreeta is an Amazing Attorney!

Supreeta is an amazing attorney! I found her to be extremely responsible, sincere and ethical.  This was the first situation where I needed to hire an attorney for a sensitive workplace harassment case and I had no idea what it was going to be like working with an attorney. I was very nervous, but the moment I stepped into her office, she put me at ease. She was very straightforward and honest about my case. From the day I first consulted with her to the day we settled, she was always attentive, responsive and aggressively represented me in negotiations with my former employer. Not only is she knowledgeable and experienced, she is strategic, tough, hard working and a very caring person. During the process it was a very trying time for me and I was tempted give up, but her confidence really gave me the strength to get through. The outcome was also better than originally expected. More importantly, she made me feel proud to stand up for myself! I highly recommend Supreeta based on her professionalism, compassion and integrity.

– YK (July 2020)

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