Wrongful Termination

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In California, employment is considered to be "at will", meaning that employers are free to terminate an employee for any reason (for good cause, bad cause, or no cause at all).  However, employers may not terminate an employee for an unlawful reason.

What would be considered an unlawful reason?  California provides protections to employees who are part of a protected class or a cross over of more than one protected class.  These include, for example, being terminated because of your:

The above list is certainly not exhaustive.  The attorneys at SLF can help you determine whether you were the victim of a wrongful termination.  Contact us today for a consultation.  

You can also be wrongfully terminated in retaliation for complaining about discriminatory or harassing conduct at work.  Similarly, it is illegal for an employer to terminate an employee for whistleblowing (complaining about an unlawful practice within the work place) or for filing a claim with the DFEH or any state agency protecting employee rights and safety.

It can be difficult to know whether your employer has terminated you for legitimate reasons or for illegal ones. Based on our extensive experience in employment law, we can advise you regarding whether your termination was unlawful or not.  With our guidance you can better understand your rights and options.   Contact our office for more information and to see if you have a potential case.

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