Wrongful Termination

In California, employment is considered to be "at will", meaning that employers are free to terminate an employee for any reason (for good cause, bad cause, or no cause at all), except an illegal reason. Some illegal termination reasons include those based on: race, gender, national origindisabilityperceived disability, record of a disabilityage, religionsexual orientation and in retaliation for complaining about discrimination and harassment. It is also illegal for an employer to terminate an employee for whistleblowing or for filing a wage claim with the Labor Commissioner.


It can be difficult to know whether your employer has terminated you for legitimate reasons or for illegal ones. Based on our extensive experience litigating such matters, we can advise you regarding whether your termination was unlawful and help you decide if you should bring a lawsuit against your former employer. Contact our office for more information and to see if you have a potential case.

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