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Medical Condition discrimination occurs when an employer discriminates against an employee because they have a medical condition.  With regard to employment discrimination, the term “medical condition” means either:

  1. Cancer, or impairments to health associated with a diagnosis of cancer or a person's history of having cancer; or
  2. Genetic Characteristics, or any scientifically or medically identified gene, chromosome (or a combination of the two), or other inherited characteristic that is known to cause an increased risk to a person, or their offspring, developing a disease or disorder. There is no requirement that any symptoms of the diseases or disorder be present to trigger the protection for genetic characteristics under the law.

A person's medical condition, genes, or inherited characteristics associated with an increased risk of a particular disease is viewed as a disability under the law and, is, therefore, a characteristic legally protected from employment discrimination.

The attorneys at SLF are committed to representing individuals who have been discriminated against due to a medical condition or genetic information. If you believe you have suffered discrimination based on a medical condition or your genetic information, contact our office today for guidance and to see if you have a potential case.

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