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Marital status discrimination is when an employer makes job-related decisions based on a person's marital status or perceived marital status.  Marital status discrimination is against the law in California. Marital status includes whether a person is:

  • Currently married
  • Not married
  • Divorced
  • Separated
  • Widowed

Marital status also includes information about whether a person's marriage has been dissolved or annulled and any other status related to one's marriage.

Marital status is a protected category under the law and employees are prohibited from making job-related decisions based on an employee or applicant's marital status.

The attorneys at SLF are committed to representing individuals who have been discriminated against due to their marital status. If you believe you have suffered discrimination based on your marital status, contact our office today for guidance and to see if you have a potential case.

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