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I had never needed to seek professional legal counsel before working with Supreeta, and she took the time necessary to make sure I understood the process we were going through every step of the way in my sexual harassment case. This was a highly emotional situation for me and Supreeta went out of her way to make me feel comfortable; her caring and empathetic nature shone brightly in this way. I honestly think that given what I went through, the experience was as positive as it could have been, thanks to Supreeta. I fully trusted that with every decision we had to make, she truly had my best interest at heart, and I could always tell that her advice was specifically tailored to my personal emotional state, career goals, and future plans. She was a fierce advocate for me and my rights and never showed signs of being intimidated. She put painstaking effort into make sure that my career, which is very important to me, will not be negatively affected in the future as a result of my case. Without hesitation, I would recommend Supreeta to anyone who needs a legal ally that they can unwaveringly trust.

– CV (April 2019)

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