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I reached out to Supreeta after I asked a friend for a referral to someone who specialized in employment law. While it was clear from the first few minutes of our call that my case wasn't the sort of thing she normally took on, Supreeta was kind enough to give me a bit of guidance nonetheless on a good approach to take regarding my situation. Because of that brief call, I was able to eliminate one possible avenue immediately, saving myself legal fees and a great deal of time, and resolve the remainder of my situation without making further missteps. Considering how incredibly helpful that brief call was to my situation, I can only imagine that if I had indeed needed legal representation, she would have been just as devoted, thoughtful, compassionate, and generous with her knowledge. I hope to never need assistance of this kind again, but if I do, I will definitely call on Supreeta.

– AL (February 2021)

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